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Recording / TV / Broadcast
Chris Fogel
Patrick Smith
Ben Vaughn

Recording / Live
Charles Allison / Spanner
Paul Brown
Chris Carroll
Jay DeMarcus / Rascal Flatts
Peter Lust / The Feisty Piranhas
Tony Monaco
Nick Moran
Che Presant, Jet Bycraft, Nik Bottini / PaxVox
Shikhee / Android Lust
Roger Smith / Tower of Power
Vic Stevens
Joey Stuckey
Garth Wiebe

Gustavo Celis
Shawn Conley
Jesse Deese
Jim Gaines
Chris Kipp

Larry Hammel
Phil McArthur
Ronan Chris Murphy
Edward Petersen
Jory K. Prum
Fred Remmert
Johnny Sandlin
Tom Size
Aaron Tressell
Bill Tullis
Brian Varga
Paul Wertico
House of Worship
Peter R. Fitton
Scott Kolden
Tom Shelley

Patrick Smith | Tonight Show"We purchased a Hear Back system in August for our VO/OD booth, and we absolutely love it! It is the most flexible and expandable headphone monitoring system I have ever encountered. It also sounds fantastic and will drive any pair of headphones you can find. Job well done!"

Patrick Smith, Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Burbank, CA

For years I've used Hear Back's incredible sounding and brilliantly versatile system for both live and recording, including tracking and mixing Soul legend Ann Peebles' latest critically acclaimed live album 'Brand New Classics.'

Never once has Hear Back let me down and as always Hear Back has allowed me to focus more in being inspired than solving technical issues.

That’s why I'm super elated to announce that once again Hear Back's Monitor and Talk Back (600 MV) systems are proving to be absolutely the best decision I could make made for the headphone cue system in my brand new Ocean Soul Studios here in Nashville, TN!

Thank you Hear Technologies for helping me bring some serious Memphis Soul to Music City USA!"

Paul Brown

Nashville, TN
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Paul Brown
Producer/Keyboardist Paul Brown (left) with Rickey Medlock (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Paul Brown
(Photo Credit: Ric Farrah)

The Feisty Piranhas

Paul Brown's First Album Produced out of Ocean Soul Studios with Blues Legend Bobby Rush Nominated for Best Soul Blues Album | 2012 Blues Music Awards

I am so proud and honored to keep running with the torch for Hear Technologies! ~ Paul Brown

Tom Size | Tomland"I have worked in studios for 20 years now and one of the biggest "pains in the ass", can I say that, I did, trying to make musicians happy with their headphone mix. If you are unfortunate to work in a studio that has one or two mixes for six people, man that can really slow a session down. In fact I have picked or not picked studios simply because of their headphone system. I could get the best tones in the world, but if the musician is not hearing it back right, it's all lost. The Hearback system is the first affordable headphone system that simply works and works simply. Now, instead of spending hours trying to get each player's headphones just right, I give them a stereo mix and a bunch of individual controls and let them have as much or as little as they want of anything. Best of all is the brick-wall limiter individually controlled on each mixer. No more "frying" your ears in headphones by the end of the mix.

The Hearback system is very easy to hook up. And much less expensive then other multichannel headphone systems with proprietary cabling.

After installing the Hearback System, my first client was Laurie Lewis, Bluegrass singer and fiddler extraordinaire, and her band, all acoustic music. Everyone is in different isolation booths, so headphones were a must. I explained where all the different inputs were, and what they did, and I never heard another complaint out of them. When I ask Laurie how she like the new system, she said 'How easy it was to use, and how nice it was to have control over everything.'  I spent my day getting great sounds, and they spent their day playing great music. Thank You Hear Technologies."

Tom Size, Tomland Audio Engineering, Studio, & Consulting
Hear Technologies is proud to have Tom Size using Hear Back in his studio. Tom's credits include: Huey Lewis & the News, Mr. Big, Gregg Rolie, Starship, Joe Satriani, David Lee Roth, The Spinners, Racer X, Joe Pass, Glenn Walters, and more...credits

"Hear Back is a producer's dream. Now the only ones the musicians can blame for their headphone mixes are themselves. Seriously, this product is a godsend."

Ben Vaughn, TV & Film Composer/Producer/Recording Artist
TV COMPOSER: That 70s Show (Fox); 3rd Rock From The Sun (NBC); Grounded For Life (Fox); Men Behaving Badly (NBC); and more... FILM COMPOSER / MUSIC PRODUCER: Swingers; Psycho Beach Party; Heavy; The Independent; and more... RECORD PRODUCER: Ween / 12 Golden Country Greats (Elektra); Big Bad Voodoo Daddy / “Swingers” (Hollywood); Cheap Trick / That 70s Show Theme (Jive); Los Straitjackets / The Velvet Touch (Cavalcade); Arthur Alexander / Lonely Just Like Me (Elektra); and more... RECORDING ARTIST: Rambler ’65 (Rhino); Cubist Blues w/ Alex Chilton (2/11/CD); Instrumental Stylings (Bar None); and more... www.benvaughn.net

Jim Gaines is one of the most prolific producer/engineers to hit the music scene. Jim has been the recipient of multiple Grammy's for his recording and producing talents. His credits read like a "Who's Who" in the music industry…Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Journey, Huey Lewis, John Lee Hooker, Blues Traveler, Albert Collins, Steve Miller Band, Coco Montoya…and the list goes on and on. Please take a few minutes and visit Jim's web site www.bessieblues.com/gcredits.html. Not only is the site informative, it is also entertaining! We are pleased to have
Jim as a member of the Hear Technologies' family...

"I am very pleased with my Hear Tech headphone system. It was recommended to me by Mike Icapelli whose judgment I trust. He uses this system in live church recordings. After checking the system out on the internet, I decided it was what I needed for our small studio and that I could take it with me for any remote recording projects. It arrived the day before a 10 piece horn band came to record at a lodge nearby. It worked great!! I had 6-8 mixes going at all times. I agree with some of the other engineers on your site that I have not picked certain studios because of their headphone system. There are still a lot of small and medium studios with a stereo mix only. It is hard to record a full rhythm section without some flexibility. Thanks, Hear Tech."

Jim Gaines, Producer / Engineer

510 Studios"We installed our Hear Back system in early 2004.All of our clients love it, and every single one has made a comment about how pleased they are with the clarity of the headphones.

I never thought as an engineer that my mixes would sound better because of a cue system, until we installed the hear back system. While mixing the first project we used it on I realized it. All of the performances were more consistent than before. All of the drum hits were really steady, and everyone was right with the click track. We got the basics done in fewer takes, and the vocal overdubs went incredibly smooth.

Being a medium sized, one room facility, we have been able to set ourselves apart from the others, by supplying all of the services and comfort of a large multi-room facility. This system has been a major
part of that.

Thanks for making a great product, a product that combines ease of use, and at the same time helps us do our job: Getting the best possible performance on tape."

Aaron Tressell, Engineer, 510 Studios
Fremont, CA

Gustavo Celis"I love the simplicity and elegance of the HearBack system. The sound is impeccable and the installation couldn't be easier. The system is foolproof and its handsome design excites creativity."

"I have used other more complicated studio cue systems in the past but none are as reliable and user friendly as the HearBack."

"What a great solution. A system that works every time and makes you wanna grab it. Simply perfect."

Gustavo Celis, Mixer/Producer/Songwriter
Three-Time Grammy® Award Winner

Gustavo Celis has two American Grammy® Awards, a Latin Grammy®, and has received critical acclaim for his work on the film "Chicago" which was awarded a Best Sound Oscar® last year. He has also worked with a distinguished list of artists including Ricky Martin, Mandy Moore, Jewel, Shakira,
Marc Anthony, Cher, and Santana, just to name a few...

www.gustavocelis.com  |  www.supersonicstudios.com

OK, all I needed was 10 minutes with the system to know that I'll buy it. Aside from the fact that the system arrived at 10:15am and I had it up and running by 10:45am, it sounds fantastic. The two percussionists I had in the studio the day I tested the system - Mike Fisher and Brian Kilgore - both thought the system was off because it was so much quieter than the previous headphone system we had been using. But when they finally heard audio, they were also really impressed by how good it sounds and the amount of volume they were able to get out of it. We were recording Japanese Taiko drums and they had no problem getting good enough levels in their cans. Nice job.“

Chris Fogel, Music Scoring Mixer / Album Mixer / Recording Engineer
Chris is a music scoring mixer and recording engineer currently living in Los Angeles. Chris has recorded and mixed the scores for many successful films including Dodgeball, Starsky and Hutch, both Charlie's Angels, KPAX, Miss Congeniality, Blue Streak, Made, Reign of Fire and Cruel Intentions. Chris has also worked with a very diverse group of recording artists such as Alanis Morissette, Seal, Robbie Robertson, U2, Hanson, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Sneakerpimps, Sheryl Crow, Live, 98 Degrees, Quincy Jones, The Corrs, Bliss and Nine Inch Nails. In 1998, Chris received a "Best Engineering, Non-Classical" Grammy nomination.

[ May 2004 ]

"All I can say is the headphone system is incredible! My session Friday was so much more productive and enjoyable because of it. There were no problems encountered and best of all not a single complaint from the band. All they had to concern themselves with was their performance.

Personally I believe the Hear Tech system is the most cost effective way any one could make a major upgrade to their studio, both in efficiency and satisfaction for the artists and musicians. Please let everyone there know my feelings.

Thanks to all of you who put this together."

[ December 2004 ]

“Dear Scott, I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my Hear Tech headphone system. Now that I've had it for almost a year, I have had a chance to use it in a variety of sessions and sometimes I will use it to monitor with headphones. I do not have to involve myself with headphone mixes and I have more time to concentrate on the music I'm recording. Best of all, the artists I'm working with are happy. There is never a problem. I can't imagine a better way to make studio life simpler and maintain happy musicians and artists. You make a great product.
Thank You"

Johnny Sandlin, Producer/Engineer, Duck Tape Music
The son of a Decatur, Al., hardware store owner, Johnny Sandlin found fame in
the hard edge of Southern Rock. Joining with Gregg and Duane Allman in 1966 as the drummer for the Hourglass, Sandlin played a major role in the formulation of that style of music. As part of the powder keg of talent that blasted Capricorn Records to stardom, Sandlin produced the Allman's "Brothers And Sisters", "Win, Lose Or Draw", and contributed mixing and mastering to "Filmore East" and "Eat A Peach". He also produced albums on Greg Allman, Gregg and Cher, Eddie Kendricks, The Outlaws, Richard Betts, Elvin Bishop, Wet Willie, Bonnie Bramlett, Alex Taylor, Cowboy, Delbert McClinton, Carla Russell and Kozmic Mama, Widespread Panic and many others. He has three platinum albums and seven gold albums to his credit. Before his departure from Capricorn Records in 1976 he was named vice president of A & R. Since then he has worked as an independent producer and
engineer. He currently owns and operates Duck Tape Music, a recording studio in Decatur, AL.

Tony Monaco"Truly great high-end stuff. They sound incredible…Clean, transparent and quiet. The ability to interface 8 stations from one amp with 8 channels to control you own mix at each station is awesome. I thought I’d never be able to afford a system like this; when I discovered HEAR Technologies, I found that price was just another one of the system’s greatest features!”




Tony MonacoTony Monaco, Jazz Organist, Educator/Clinician,
Producer/Studio Engineer/Owner, Columbus Sound Recording and Monaco Prodcutions
Westerville, Ohio

Jay DeMarcus | The Grip Studio"Hear Back is the most user-friendly, clear monitoring system I've ever used... Everyone that works with it and hasn't before is always surprised with how powerful it is.... A++!!"

Jay DeMarcus, Rascal Flatts bassist
Studio owner, The Grip Studio

Nashville, TN

Jory Prum | studio.jory.org "After having used Hear Technologies' Hear Back for numerous sessions, I must say it is the best headphone monitoring solution I have ever used. The setup is very simple, the sound is excellent, the price is extremely reasonable, and the usability is so straight-forward that I never had to explain it any client. I really couldn't be any happier with a headphone distribution system.

The best part, though, is that the folks at Hear are outstanding to work with. If I ever do need support for the system, I know that the excellent team at Hear Technologies will do everything they can to take care of me. And in a production environment, that is the best feature of all!"

Jory K. Prum, Owner/Engineer/Mixer
Fairfax, CA

Larry Hammel | Deepwave Music Productions"I love the Hear Back system. Nothing is as carefree as having my cue mixes routed through my Hear Back Hub to the six mixers in my multiroom studio. I never have to worry about the sound.

The musicians, vocalists and myself enjoy our own custom mixes that are crystal clear and inspiring.

It's like being on stage!"


Larry Hammel, Owner/Producer
Deepwave Music Productions

New York, NY

"Loving the hearback system! It does what it says and says what it does. Sound quality is excellent and operation has been flawless. Thanks for a great product!"

Phil McArthur, Major Audio Creations
West Palm Beach, FL

"All of us at Discovery church in Simi Valley California want to say 'Thanks & God bless you, Hear Technologies!' With our new Hearback system, (1 hub, 7 mixers) we are hearing everything loud and clear. As music director, it's important to have all my musicians happy. Being able to create their own mix does just that. As a new church renting a facility, we have limited time each Sunday morning to set up. The Hearbacks have helped us streamline what was a 2 hour set up to an amazing 55 minutes! Our engineer can mix instead of cater to 7 musicians needing monitor levels adjusted. What a concept. And the price?!? We sold 1 power amp and 3 wedges and it financed the whole thing. And of course, the stage volume is no longer an issue. Suffice it to say, it was a win win situation. Or as we look at it, a God-send! Thanks again"

Scott Kolden, Music Director, Discovery Church
Simi Valley, California

"The Hear Back system has changed the way I do business. I am a independent sound consultant and contractor who specializes in church sound systems. I have been able to replace ALL the existing bass and guitar amplifiers, several monitors and keyboard amplification systems with the Hear Back system. The sound is so clear and clean the choir can actually hear themselves sing in the front of house speakers. They don't have to battle the high sound level and muddiness which was evident with full back up musicians and 10 on platform vocal monitors.

With the Hear Back systems I have been able to clean up the unsightly wires and monitors which make the platform or any church more appealing to look at and to perform on. My existing customers are excited by the control they have over their own mixes and the music mix has improved 100%.

Visitors to the churches I have installed the HearBack systems in want to know 'WHAT DID YOU DO, THE SOUND WAS ALREADY GREAT HERE, BUT NOW IT'S EVEN BETTER!'

Needless to say, my customers are happy with the Hear Back systems and they sell themselves once installed and are in use.

Thank You Hear Technologies!"

Brian Varga, Owner, P.A.C.S. Professional Audio Consultants Service
Sterling Heights, Michigan

"I've been using the Hearback cue system for months now and I am absolutely loving it. Even more importantly my clients are loving it. It sounds great and is easy to use, even for musicians with no knowledge of sound gear. Thanks for making a great product and for making my job a lot easier."

Chris Kipp, Studio Owner/Engineer, Cristobal Studios
San Marcos, TX

"We recently purchased 2 Hearback 4-packs from CDI in Orlando, and I must say we are completely thrilled with the system, from the ease of setup to simplicity of use to the attractiveness of the units themselves. And the sound quality is great. You really have an amazing product. Our musicians are like kids in a toy store with this thing."

Tom Shelley, Sound Engineer, St. Andrew United Methodist Church
Titusville, FL

"We have been using the Hearback system together with the Talkback system at Cedar Creek Recording for several months now, and it has been great! Our clients love it, and our engineers are free to concentrate on getting good sounds instead of taking the time to satifsy everyones' monitoring needs. The system has plenty of power and clarity and it has expanded the flexibilty of our early 70's Neve console by a great deal. We used to be limited to only 2 headphone mixes, which can be troublesome on a tracking date with a lot of players. Now we don't have to worry about that at all. It's great, and the price is right as well."

Fred Remmert, Owner/ Engineer, Cedar Creek Recording
Austin, Texas

"The Hear Back system is a dream come true. I've been in session, as the conductor, almost every day since early January with a succession of projects: big band jazz, symphony orchestras, marching bands, and 50-piece concert bands. Your limiter lets me leave the studio after a long day of recording without my ears ringing, with far less fatigue than ever before.

The musicians love it. We've totally eliminated the complaints that "I need more click," and "can you give me more electric bass?" It's simple to use, so there's no learning curve for the players. When the players hear better, they play better. Your system has not only improved sessions technically, they have improved musically as well.

Our students go through at least four band recording session in the engineering program. They use the old cue system for their first session, and the Hear Back for the second and third. The last sessions are the students' personal projects, and they get to choose the studio and equipment that they use. Just like our veteran engineers, once they've used the Hear Back on a session, they never want to go back to the old cue systems again.

Your system has had an impact on every session in our studios, and every program in our school."

Edward Petersen, Omega Recording Studios
Rockville, MD

SoundsAtlanta installs 16-channel HEARBACK and TALKBACK system

"The HEARBACK / TAKLKBACK system is brilliant! Even our most picky clients love it, and the ease of operation. Installation was a breeze."

Bill Tullis, SoundsAtlanta, Studio & Remote Recording/Mastering
Atlanta, GA

"Over the years I’ve used a lot of different band monitor systems, but the Hear Back system is by far the best. The Hear Back system allows each member of the band to have his own mix without needing racks and racks of monitor drive equipment or even a monitor engineer. The system’s large knobs and intuitive layout make it easy for the musicians to setup their perfect mix. The use of cat-5 cable instead of bulky, fragile, proprietary cables makes it super easy to setup, teardown, and rearrange the system quickly. Another major benefit to the Hear Back system is its reliability.We use the system week in and week out and have yet to experience a single failure. The Hear Back system is like having a monitor engineer that never takes a break!"

Peter R. Fitton, Technical Director
Flamingo Road Church

Cooper City, FL

Flamingo Road Church
Flamingo Road Church

"We wanted to let you know that utilizing your Hear-Back system within our recording studio for recording, tracking and rehearsals allows our band to create the most optimum sounding music.

The Feisty PiranhasIt is one of the most outstanding pieces of equipment that we use as it allows us to control the exact sounds we need in our ears to put out that best performance possible. We have used many other products over the years and none have brought the precise sounds that block what you do not want and allow in what you need to play.

Our entire album now nearing its completion has benefited from the use of the Hear system.

Thank you for bringing this great technology to musicians like ourselves."

The Feisty PiranhasPeter Lust
The Feisty Piranhas
Oxnard, CA

the feisty piranhas "shocked" nominated for
best rock album | 48th grammy

“It's simple: I use Hear Technologies for all my headphone needs because they're the best! Amazing features make them the logical choice, and at a price that won't break the bank.

Joey Stuckey“Each hub can support up to eight 'Personal Mixers'... and just what are those? Well, they're just the single thing that has revolutionized my studio, that's all! With HearBack personal mixers, each performer can have their own mix: if you want to only hear guitar and vocal you can! If you only want drums and bass - no problem! No more arguing over the one-size-fits-all "cue mix" in the studio because now each player/singer can do it themselves. And now if they complain about the monitor-mix - it's their own fault! (Engineers will love this!)”

“It's a truly amazing system and a must-have for recording studios (home studios to pro) and it's durable design makes it great for live performances too!”

Joey Stuckey, Musician/Songwriter/Producer/Sound Engineer
Shadow Sound Studio
Macon, GA
Joey Stuckey is a blind guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, radio personality, and sound engineer. Stuckey has opened his own digital recording facility called Shadow Sound Studio and has hosted three radio programs dedicated to preserving and promoting Georgia music. Stuckey won the "1999 Atlanta Society of Entertainers Recording Artist of the Year Award" as well as the "Jane & Cotton Carrier Award" from the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame. He has been made rhythm section leader for the Mercer University Jazz Ensemble and Combo, and has been appointed to the
Georgia Music Hall of Fame Board.


We just finished a theater production in the Boston area a couple weeks ago. On packing up equipment to take to the venue, I had gotten some resistance of the sort "are we really going to use all of the Hear Back mixers?" I said, "We are bringing all of them. Pack them all and load them in the van with the rest of the stuff."

Well, there is an actor deep in the back of the stage on a ladder with his head up above a city-scape that has to sing. In previous productions, he has had trouble hearing the stage monitors, because of the distance. This time he couldn't hear at all well enough to sing. In this theater, some big stage sets were blocking the path between the stage monitors and him. A crisis over this was developing extremely quickly on the spot with tempers getting ready to flare, mid-rehearsal, when someone had the idea to give him a Hear Back mixer with in-ear monitors. He was far enough backstage that no one even in the front row audience would be able to see the IEMs in his ears. We quickly ran a long cable from the hub in the orchestra pit all the way around the wall of the stage to the back, strapped the mixer onto the back of the city-scape with gaffer's tape positioning the knobs right in front of him at waist level and, let me tell you, this was one happy actor.

Besides orchestra pit musicians being able to adjust their monitor levels out of 3 sets of stereo speaker monitors, and two more with IEMs, we also gave one to the fussy facility theater manager in his cage who requires a sound feed, and one up in the balcony for a video guy.
That's all 8 mixers.

Garth Wiebe, Audio Rail
Maynard, MA

Paul Wertico"I use the Hear Back personal monitor mixer system in my home studio and it absolutely kills! It's incredibly well-designed and versatile and the sound is fantastic... I love it!!!"

Paul Wertico - Seven time Grammy Award winner
(Pat Metheny Group, Larry Coryell, Jeff Berlin, Kurt Elling, Paul Winter, Ramsey Lewis, Paul Wertico Trio - Faculty: Roosevelt and Northwestern Universities & Clinician)

"'Hey, I need more drums,' or, 'I can't hear the guitar'... how about... 'turn down the vocals and give me more bass guitar.' Tired of hearing this from your musicians in the studio? Problem solved!

Roger Smith | Tower of Power...If you're a musician with a project or commercial studio, you know the frustration of trying to record your part and engineering the session at the same time. The Hear Back monitor mixing system solves all those issues. Each musician has his/her own 8-channel personal mixer that enables them to mix to their own taste. For me, the Hear Back Monitoring System has made life in the studio a whole lot easier! I can't believe how much time it has saved and how easy it is for the musicians to get their desired individual mixes.

Many thanks to Hear Back Monitoring System"

Roger Smith, Organist/Keyboardist
Tower Of Power

(No. 1 Single Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Chart 1999, Radio & Records Breakout Artist of the Year 1999, 3-time Nominee for Oasis Awards; Projects include working with Jeff Beck, Gladys Knight, Willie Nelson, Rocco Prestia, Jeff Tamelier, David Garibaldi, Poncho Sanchez, NBC "Passions" musical writing team. Also featured on Special FX"Butterfly" CD, Jazz tribute to Steely Dan "No Static At All," and Thom Rotella's "Day In the Life" CD)
www.rogersmith.net | www.jazzrosco.com

"I love my Hear Back system, but more importantly, my clients love it. I have added a lot of gear to my studio over the years that has enabled me to work Ronan Chris Murphybetter, but I can think of no piece of gear that has helped my artists work better than my Hear Back system. I love spending one minute explaining the headphone system to the musicians and then never having to hear about headphone mixes again for the remainder of the album. The small size and simplicity of the set up means that we can get headphone stations to any spot in the studio in about a minute. The simplicity and flexibility of the system has really improved the workflow at my studio and opened up a lot of creative recording options. I can't imagine how I made records before I got my Hear Back system."

Ronan Chris Murphy
Veneto West

Producer-mixer-guitarist Ronan Chris Murphy is best known for his studio work behind the boards for the likes of Steve Morse, Bozzio Levin Stevens, Chucho Valdes and over a dozen records with King Crimson. He is currently recording his solo album with Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Mike Keneally. In addition to his recording work he runs a series of recording education workshops called Home Recording Boot Camp.
www.venetowest.com | www.homerecordingbootcamp.com

Jesse Deese | The Loft"The Loft Recording Studio has been running the HEAR Back system since their introduction a few years ago. The system has performed flawlessly since then, day in and day out.

We have clients that walk past our C-7, B-3 and Neve console to admire a HEAR mix module! The ease of use allows even inexperienced clients a user friendly headphone mix experience. The sonic clarity of the HEAR Back system is impressive as well. My engineers love it. My clients love it and I love it.

Thanks for real life studio application engineering!"

Jesse Deese, Producer
The Loft Recording Studio

Columbus, GA

Android Lust

"The Hear Back and Mix Back system is an integral part of our live setup. We couldn't tour without it."

Android Lust

Bronx, NY

"The Hear Back Personal Monitor Mixer System is not only the best sounding personal mix system, it is also the easiest to use. We do many custom Shawn Conley | Red Alert Studios

CD projects with some of the best players in the business and I am always getting compliments on how good my headphone mixes are. The tech support is second to none. Thanks guys for making such a great and easy to use product."

Shawn Conley, Owner/Producer

Gallatin, TN

Vic Stevens | Giant Steps Recording"Since I've been using the Hear Back personal monitoring systems in my studio, it's hard to imagine a session without it. They truly are the easiest and most versatile monitoring system I've used. To simply put it, it takes the compromise out of recording."

Vic Stevens, Musician/Owner/Producer/Engineer
Giant Steps Recording

Winslow, NJ

PaxVox"After using the Hear Back system…PaxVox will never look back. Hear Back has given us the freedom to soar and fly with the best of them. Tone, Vocals and Volume…that’s what counts! Now we create our own mix and it’s really easy! Our old monitoring systems just didn’t cut it! We don’t need to worry about stage “feedback” or that “helpless” feeling when we can’t hear ourselves. PaxVox is no longer at the mercy of the sound engineer, who makes or breaks our show. We hear our mix the way we need to, with superior tone quality.

Why should we wait for the sound engineer to create a mix they think we need to hear? We know what we need to hear! Stage volume problems? Not with the Hear Back system! We each dial in our own mix and we are ready to take off without fearing the “feedback monster” frying our ears.

Hear Back puts us in the driver’s seat, with total control. It is so much fun being able to play without worrying about the mix. We hear what we want…when we want! The Hear Back system is so quiet. Vocals are phenomenal and harmonies to die for. We can hear each other! The Hear Back system has changed the way we perform…Jump into the future and don’t look back…PaxVox"

Che Presant, Jet Bycraft and Nik Bottini

Oakland, CA

Chris Carroll"When recording anything from creative jazz to contemporary pop, the Hear Back monitoring system is a viable asset for getting my musicians a crystal clear mix!"

Chris Carroll, Musician/Drummer
Island Park, NY

Spanner Sound"Great service and I don't know what I'd do without my Hear Back system.

Totally has me spoiled."

Charles Allison Musician/Owner/Producer/Engineer
Spanner Sound

Chattanooga, TN

Nick Moran"The Hear Back monitor system is a wonderful solution for the small studio owner affording the flexibility of larger professional headphone mixing systems at a very reasonable price point. It dovetails perfectly with my workstation and provides broad signal routing capability with zero-latency playback within a native environment. My customers are thrilled with its performance and so am I."

Nick Moran
Brooklyn, NY