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Hear Back PRO

Hear Back PRO
16-Channel Personal Monitor Mixer System

  • Local control of up to 18 channels of audio (16 mono channels + AUX IN + Intercom IN)
  • Simple user interface – no display screens, menus, learning curve, or firmware layers to navigate. Just turn a knob!
  • True panning/ channel link functions
  • Store up to 4 recallable presets
  • Intercom allows communication to anyone with a Hear Back PRO Mixer
  • Aux inputs (selectable mic and line)
  • Balanced left/right line outputs
  • Less than .25msec Latency from analog input to output
  • Standard CAT5e/6 cabling delivers power and signals to Mixers
  • Intuitive Hub channel LED display
  • Modular hub with four user-configurable card slots
  • Sample Rate user-selectable from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz
  • Switch selectable input sources from Input A (Slots 1 & 2), Input B (Slots 3 & 4), or HBus
  • Gigabit Ethernet fabric, 48v PoE power

System Details


hear back
Hear Back

Hear Back
8-Channel Personal Monitor Mixer System

  • Local control of 8 audio channels (stereo mix and six “more-me’s”)
  • ADAT, analog, HearBus inputs are switch-selectable from Hub front panel
  • Built-in DSP Limiter with threshold adjustment
  • Master Volume
  • Stereo AUX In
  • Balanced Line-Outputs
  • Built-in Mic Stand Mount
  • Standard CAT5e power

System Details