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Hear Technologies designs and manufactures pro audio equipment which improves live sound, recording, worship, and home studio environments. With over two decades of engineering experience, our innovative approach to new designs keeps us at the forefront. Our extraordinary-sounding knob-based personal monitoring control systems make individual headphone and in-ear mixing easy.

Personal monitoring with the musician and engineer in mind

We’re a unique team of audio engineers, musicians, and audio nerds, so we know reliability is important. That’s why all our main products are designed, built, and tested in the U.S. to ensure quality, consistency, and dependability. Our products provide both performers and engineers easy-to-use headphone control for years to come. Our knob-based mixers make it simple for a musician to adjust their headphone or in-ear monitor mix while performing. Less time asking the engineer for "more me" means more time performing and recording.

Top-quality components result in extraordinary sound

Professional-level components in every Hear Technologies product result in outstanding audio quality. All our main designs can drive practically any set of headphones on the market. And the output reflects exactly what’s coming from the sound board or DAW – so you get a true representation of what’s being recorded or heard by an audience. With designs durable enough for road, studio, and house of worship, Hear gear is an easy choice.

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